What Is #FriendshipMoose?

#FriendshipMoose is a hashtag that was started on Twitter as a part of an effort to get as many people the Grove Warden mount as possible. You can search the hashtag and find groups gearing, carrying, and selling the mount. OUR interpretation is that we are putting together groups of very geared and experienced individuals to simply carry those in need of the mount at absolutely no cost to them.

I need the mount! How do I get into a run and what do I get?

The requirements for the (US) runs are: Have a level 100 US character, have a Twitch account, download Mumble and tune into the host's Twitch stream! Depending on your faction, you'll want to follow the people on the home page for more info on WHEN the runs will be happening. There is no requirement for you to have any certain item level or raid experience, however we do ask that if you aren't familiar with the fight, please watch one of the many guides on YouTube. If you don't feel comfortable with the mechanics, please go hit the boss and feel free to dance in the green fire. :)

Your chance to win will come from tuning into the host's Twitch stream at the time the run begins, and you'll be given a keyword to type into the chat that will count as your entry for that run. New rolls will be initiated for each run, so if you don't get in on the first run, stick around and keep trying! As someone getting carried, you'll get the Grove Warden mount, the Ahead of the Curve Achievement, and any loot that drops for you using the Personal Loot system!

I want to help carry the moose runs!

Please DM the person in charge of your faction on Twitter or Twitch with a link to your character in the Armory. In general, we are looking for people who are 720+ with mulitple kills on Heroic Archimonde who are willing to show up every week to help. If you are not in the ballpark of this item level, please do not be offended if you are not accepted as a carrier! WE are lucky to have tons of people wanting to help and want to make sure we set ourselves up for success.

Why are you advertising the runs on Twitter and then making me go to Twitch?

First, watching a live stream of the vent and promoting it through multiple channels not only makes it a fun experience for everyone watching, but also attracts additional carriers and helpers which allows us to consider expanding the number of nights per week we run. We have the attitude of "the more the merrier" and feel as though the more attention we get for these runs, the more the community benefits. No one involved is making any money from this project. Secondly, the logistics of trying to do a giveaway in advance for this many runs is a nightmare using any other method. Doing it in real time as the run is happening lets us know people are present, online, and ready to enter the group. This is truly the easiest way for us to run the groups, and we feel it's not too much to ask to have people do things our way :).

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